Leave the Snakes Alone
Leave the Snakes Alone

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Each copy of Leave the Snakes Alone has it's own individual art and lettering hand-painted by Duke.
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album credits:
Dan Krieger - electric guitar,electric slide guitar,vocals;
Matt Cartsonis - bouzouki, bajo sexto, electric guitar, melodica, goat whistle, electric mandola, mandolin, 5 string banjo, vocals
Jane Scarpantoni - cello, vocals
Stephan Hodges - various percussion, 'snapback shang-a-lang', metal bits, drums, vocals
Jack Cook - drums, percussion, vocals
Alan Deremo - accoustic bass, electric bass, vocals
Marcel Duclos - accoustic bass
David Gold - viola, violin
Matthew Cullen - electric guitar, mr.bleep, ebow kalimba, thundertube, vocals
Duke McVinnie - electric guitar, griffen, accoustic guitar, electric bass, indian banjo, vocals
Recorded at Sunset Sound,Allaire Studios and The Clubhouse by Brandon Mason and Matthew Cullen.
String Arrangments by Jane Scarpantoni
"Meek","Love Blood" and "Don't Paint the Devil on the Wall" mixed by Brandon Mason. Mixed at Allaire Studios.
"Over","Monster","Texas Town","Nothing","Sins of Dad" and "Dead Smile" mixed by Matthew Cullen. Mixed at Allaire Studios.
Produced by Duke McVinnie, Matthew Cullen and Brandon Mason.
All songs written by Duke McVinnie. Published by Rontay Productions/ASCAP
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  1. Over 
  2. Meek 
  3. Monster 
  4. Texas Town 
  5. Love Blood 
  6. Nothing 
  7. Sins of Dad 
  8. Don't Paint the Devil on the Wall 
  9. Dead Smile 
all songs published by:
Rontay Productions/ASCAP ©2007