Sex + Death
Sex & Death

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"...interesting, thoughtful, quirky, and original rock with all sorts of cultural references ranging from mountain banjo, angular downtown jazz, industrial noises, ambient chill, David Lynch-approved tremolo guitars, gritty rural blues, and salsa-dripping Tex Mex grooves" –KRONOSONIC.COM
"Mantids use their exceptional powers of vision and ability to rotate their heads to detect the movements of prey. In fall, after coupling, the female may eat the male. Curiously, the male's abdomen can continue to mate long after he has lost his head."
album credits:
Ben Perowsky - Drums
George Javori - Drums on "Nothing Lasts"
Ambrosia Parsley - Vocal on "Superlinear"
Swati - Vocals on "Penny Thoughts", "Nothing Lasts", "Second Wind"
Brandon Mason - Vocals on "Penny Thoughts", "Nothing Lasts", "Pearly Gates"
Recorded and mixed at Allaire Studios in Shokan N.Y. by Brandon Mason assisted by Matthew Cullen Mastered at Sterling Sound by Greg Calbi assisted by Steve Fallone
Produced by Brandon Mason
Artwork by Michael Jukes
Thanks to: Julie Gibbs, Eimear Bradbury, Mark McKenna, Mark Spector, Danielle Crisafulli, Tom Ianniello, Lynt, Anthony Covello, Stefany Northcutt, Merle
Now Playing - "Roy"
  1. Penny Thoughts 
  2. Gracefully 
  3. Superliner 
  4. Nothing Lasts 
  5. 2C 
  6. Roy 
  7. Pearly Gates 
  8. Second Wind 
  9. Cannons 
  10. Moses Jesus 
all songs published by:
Rontay Productions/ASCAP ©2003