“No sentimental slop here, just raw up front syntactical jamming...some won't get it. TOUGH.”
"Here is music that will bring you into the present moment. No sentimental slop here, just raw up front syntactical jamming. Sometimes swinging with humor but done in the subjunctive case so it is not easily defined. It has a subversive sublimeness. It unmasks us. It is like the great santori moment, it is meant to awaken us, shake us up, jolt us. It does all this and more. It enlightens us but also the musicians who made it. It makes us feel alive...don't try to catch it because it will wither like the firefly that you captured in the jar when you were a child. It flashed to me "I am alive, I am alive, I am alive". It makes no excuses. It awakens me to the eternal now...I am undone. Some serious sounds and some foolish foppery both with a sense of abandon and astonishment.We are astounded, expectant, blown out of the water of the everyday world,we remember something what was it? slips away as it is supposed to. Unfortunately some won't get it. TOUGH. But they will get something, disgruntled but tantalized...wondering? These sounds had it's mentors: Albert, Archie, Perry, Carla Bley, Steve Swallow, Pete Larocca to name a few. And of course, Monk who taught us that the greatest sound is silence. This suite has a rich undergrowth of some who went before these musicians and takes us to this once undiscovered land of the free."
Arloha McVinnie
album credits:
All songs by Javori McVinnie Pastorini Scarpantoni
George Javori - Drums, Percussion, Voice, Acoustic slide guitar
Duke McVinnie - Electric guitar, Electric Bass
Ed Pastorini - Acoustic piano, Electric Wurlitzer piano, Electric guitar
Jane Scarpantoni - Cello, Electric guitar, Electric Wurlitzer piano, Percussion, Toy robot voice
Produced by Duke McVinnie and Matthew Cullen
Recorded and mixed by Matthew Cullen
Mastered by Fred Kevorkian
Assistant Engineer was Scott Serota
Thanks to Mark McKenna
Artwork Michael Jukes.
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all songs published by:
Rontay Productions ASCAP / Pastorini Music BMI
The group JMPS was conceived by George Javori in his rehearsal space on the lower east side of NYC where he brings in different players of all types to pursue his vision of improvisational music. Eventually JMPS came together as a recording experiment to spontaneously compose and record live in a world class studio (Allaire Studios in Shokan, NY). The result is a recording of wild beauty, drama, passion; but most of all, most importantly: a sense of humor.