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album credits:
Jane Scarpantoni
Pablo Vergara
Tom Goss
Marciana Jones
Ian Riggs
Colin Almquist
Tony Gilkyson
Matthew Cullen
Ed Pastorini
Madeleine Peyroux
Mathias Kunzli
Danny McGough
Danny Kreiger
Duke McVinnie
Recorded and mixed Matthew Cullen | Mastered by Scott Craggs
Thanks to Jane Scarpantoni | Anath Benais | Windy City
DB Leonard | Rachel Fox
Art and Layout by Michael Jukes | Photo by L.L. McVinnie
Now Playing - "Snare"
  1. Pre-Intro 
  2. Intro 
  3. Jazzbos 
  4. Snare (I Dreamt I Was A Dog Having A Conversation With A Wolf) 
  5. Blue 
  6. Letter From Nebraska 
  7. School 
  8. Don't Paint the Devil on the Wall 
  9. Turn 
  10. Real Estate 
  11. Stones 
  12. Luis Padilla 
  13. Vista Blues 
  14. New Car 
  15. Outro 
all songs by Duke McVinnie/ASCAP
except "Snare" by Carli Munoz/BMI, Duke McVinnie/ASCAP and Jane Scarpantoni/ASCAP
"Letter from Nebraska" lyrics by Viggo Mortensen